The company that was founded in Garbsen near Hannover/Germany in 1990 looks back on many years of experience in the field of GNSS-based positioning for static and kinematic applications in geodesy and navigation through the manager D. Eng. Gerhard Wübbena as well as a high qualified staff.
The Geo++® GmbH works on the fields of system conception, development, and analysis both of own products and also by order of and in cooperation with well-known manufacturers and sellers on the positioning market. The GNSS range of service is covered by the sister company GeoService® Satellitengestützte Vermessungen GmbH and comprises the whole area of consulting, surveying and analysis.


Main Product

  • GNSMART gnsmart_logo

    Geo++®GNSMART (GNSS State Monitoring and Representation Technique) is the first system in the world which ...

  • GNRaiLNav OrtungLive

    Find any position of the German DB Netz AG railway network with the help of ...

  • GNPCV Absolute Antenna Calibration dm_t_robot

    GeoService® offers to calibrate GNSS antennas individually and absolutely.